The Royal Path

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Who are the Saints?

The Qualities of the Saints

The Value of the Lives of the Saints

Optina Monastery

The Influence of Optina Monastery

A Description of the Monastery

Optina’s History

Elder’s and Eldership



The Elders of Optina Monastery

Elder Moses

Elder Anthony

Elder Leonid

Elder Macarius

Elder Ambrose

Elder Hilarion

Elder Anatole (Zertsalov, the “Older”)

Elder Joseph

Elder Isaac I

Elder Barsanuphius

Elder Anatole (the “Younger”)

Elder Nektary

Elder Nikon, the Confessor

Elder Isaac II



Fr. Seraphim Rose

A Note of Thanks

     To those who have offered suggestions for this periodical from its title to thematic articles; to those editors; to those who have donated their time and finances to this work; to those who wrote articles or did translation work. I sincerely thank-you. May God grant you a prosperous life, health, salvation and good success in all things.

– Subdeacon Matthew Long

“As the fathers say, the extremes from both sides are equally harmful… [We must] go on the royal path, avoiding the extremes on both sides.” (St. John Cassian)



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