Weekly Update: June 25th, 2014

by frjonah on June 25, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Just as a reminder, tonight will be the first of our Universal Panihidas, which I hope you will take advantage of as an opportunity to pray for your departed Orthodox loved ones. The Panihidas will be served once per month on the final Wednesday of the month.

Our upcoming service/event schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, June 25th (tonight)
5:30 – 6:30pm: Hour of Prayer in Christ the Savior Church (Church will be opened for quiet prayer, confession, etc)
6:30pm: Universal Panihida
Following the service: Meeting of the Landscaping Committee

Thursday, June 26th (tomorrow)
6:30pm: Potluck hosted at Fr. Jonah’s house (bring a Lenten dish)
We will pray Evening Prayers together and have a discussion about our upcoming charitable initiatives… please come cialis generique and join this important discussion!

Saturday, June 28th
6:00pm: Saturday Vigil

Sunday, June 29th
9:15am: Hours/Divine Liturgy for Sunday

Other Upcoming Events / Announcements

Parish Potluck – Thursday, June 26th – 6:30pm – At Fr. Jonah’s House: Be sure to bring a Lenten dish since we are still in the Apostles Fast. One of the themes for this next potluck is the continuation of our charity brainstorming that we began before Great Lent. Just as a note: our ongoing potluck plan arrived at by popular request is to have bimonthly potlucks on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. If you would be interested in hosting one of the potlucks, please let me know!

Parish Bulletins!: Thanks to Reader Seraphim (Picard), one of our newest parishioners, for taking on the labor of producing our new weekly bulletin. The bulletin is packed with *useful* information for the entire week, including the list of daily commemorations of saints, the readings for each day, helpful sermons/reflections taken from the Prologue or the Fathers, etc. Please get into the habit of taking the bulletin as you come into church on Sunday mornings as it also contains the variable troparia, etc. for the Sunday Liturgy, which will allow for more congregational participation in the Liturgy. The bulletin is an excellent resource to keep in your icon corner throughout the week as an aid to prayer.

Prison Ministry: We have begun corresponding with an inmate at acheter viagra Mt. Olive Correctional Complex who has expressed interest in the Orthodox Church. I encourage all of our parishioners to remember Thomas in your prayers, asking that our efforts will be fruitful and pleasing to God.

I hope to see you all for our upcoming services and events!

With much love in Christ our God,

Fr Jonah

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