10th Anniversary Frescoing and Beautification Appeal

by frjonah on October 24, 2012

"With the fear of God and with faith draw Nigh"

Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters and Christ,

By the mercy of God, 2012 marks the 10th year since the founding of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in Wayne, WV and we are seeking to honor this anniversary with a festive celebration on Dec. 2nd at Christ the Savior Church.  In connection with this historic anniversary, we are working very hard to transform the interior of our church into a beautifully frescoed space where our parishioners and guests will be able to truly “lay aside all earthly cares” during the Divine Services.  Though some of the work has already begun, essentially none of it has been paid for and we are humbly asking your support to help us transfigure our church in time for the feast.

We are working with Damascene Gallery (Fr Jonah’s company) to layout and install the frescoes and other items and the work done so far has made quite an impact.  We ask for your assistance in making history at Christ sintomasdelsida.org the Savior Church by marking this important anniversary in a way that gives glory to God and encouragement to the faithful.  One important note: ALL WHO DONATE TO THIS PROJECT WILL BE PERPETUALLY COMMEMORATED DURING THE PROSKOMEDIA BEFORE ALL DIVINE LITURGIES AT CHRIST THE SAVIOR CHURCH.  Thus, we ask that you please forward this page to those in your contacts who might be able to help as well.

Please contact us as soon as possible so that final ordering and installation can be completed in time for our 10th Anniversary celebration.

May God bless this endeavor to the glory of His Holy Name!

With love in Christ God,

Fr Jonah and the Parish Council of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church

Instructions: Please look at the list below and contact us using the form below to pledge an icon.  Each icon listed will be installed as an archival quality canvas fresco icon (large format) unless stated otherwise.  The price of each icon includes professional installation in the church by Damascene Gallery.  Other items related to the beautification are also listed below, so be sure to have a look at those as well.  Thank you for your support and may God bless you!!!!  

Periodic updates of this list will be sent out and a master list will be maintained on this page.

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Please send in your pledge to:

Christ the Savior Orthodox Church
Re: Icon Appeal
PO Box 188
Wayne, WV 25570

Make checks payable to: Christ the Savior Orthodox Church

Fresco Icons

Icons of the Holy Trinity, Christ and the Mother of God

  • The Holy Trinity,  $125 donation – PLEDGED
  • Christ the Bridegroom,  $125 donation (behind the Table of Oblation) – PLEDGED
  • Mother of God (“Of the Sign”) – Platytera,  $400 donation (very large icon behind the altar) – PLEDGED


  • Archangel Gabriel,  $100 donation – PLEDGED
  • Archangel Michael,  $100 donation – PLEDGED

Icons of the Saints

  • St Alexis the Man of God,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Barbara,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Basil the Great,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Benjamin of Petrograd,  $50 donation
  • St Catherine the Great Martyr,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Demetrius the Great Martyr,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Elizabeth the New Martyr,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Ephrem the Syrian,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St George the Great Martyr,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Gregory the Dialogist,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Herman of Alaska,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Ignatius the God-bearer,  $50 donation
  • St Irina,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St James the Brother of the Lord,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Job of Pochaev,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St John Chrysostom,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St John of Kronstadt,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Marina (Margaret),  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Nicholas of Myra,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Nina, Enlightener of Georgia,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Panteleimon the Great Martyr,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Romanus the Melodist,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Sava the Sanctified,  $50 donation
  • St Seraphim of Sarov,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Sergius of Radonezh,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Tatiana,  $50 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Theodore the Studite,  $50 donation
  • St Tikhon of Moscow,  $50 donation
  • St Anthony the Great,  $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Ignaty (Brianchaninov) of the Caucuses, $75 donation
  • St Jonah of Hankow,  $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Nektarios of Aegina,  $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Peter of Krutitsa,  $75 donation
  • St Paul the Apostle, $75 donation
  • St Peter the Apostle, $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Theophan the Recluse,  $75 donation
  • St Vladmir of Kiev,  $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Xenia of St Petersburg,  $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Anastasia the Roman,  $100 donation – PLEDGED
  • St John of San Francisco,  $100 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Makary of Optina,  $100 donation
  • St Patrick,  Enlightener of Ireland,  $100 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Sophia and Daughters,  $125 donation – PLEDGED
  • Sts Joachim and Anna,  $125 donation – PLEDGED
  • Sts Zechariah and Elizabeth,  $125 donation
  • Sts Adrian and Natalie,  $125 donation
  • Sts Constantine and Helen,  $150 donation – PLEDGED
  • Sts Vladimir and Olga,  $150 donation – PLEDGED

Feastday Icons (very large)

  • Ascension,  $175 donation
  • Dormition,  $175 donation – PLEDGED
  • Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple,  $175 donation
  • Nativity,  $175 donation – PLEDGED
  • Theophany,  $175 donation
  • Transfiguration,  $175 donation
  • Annunciation 1: Arch. Gabriel blessing,  $225 donation (left side of altar)
  • Annunciation 2: The Mother of God,  $225 donation (right side of altar)
  • The Resurrection,  $800 donation (extremely large icon adorning the back *Western* wall of the Nave)

Biblical Scenes

  • Christ on the Sea of Tiberias,  $100 donation
  • “The Supper at Emmaus” (Road to Emmaus), $100 donation
  • The Myrrhbearing Women,  $450 donation (very large icon) – PLEDGED

Other Fresco Depictions

  • Lettering over doors entering into the church: “With the fear of God and with faith draw nigh”, $200 donation

18″ Panel Icons for Church (unless otherwise noted)

Special Note: Any panel icon you wish to sponsor can be provided.  Simply email the saint you would like to sponsor an 18″ panel icon of and we will acquire it for the feastday

  • Prayer of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane with Metal Banding, $150 donation (for area next to the Table of Oblation) – PLEDGED
  • The Icon “Not Made by Hands” to be Placed over porch (outdoors), $250 donation (very large icon) – PLEDGED
  • Full Standing Icon of Christ, $75 donation
  • Full Standing Icon of the Theotokos, $75 donation
  • The Mother of God “Umilenie”, “Tender Mercy”,  $75 donation
  • St Alexander of the Unsleeping Order, $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • All Saints of Scotland, $75 donation
  • St Andrew, the First-Called, $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Anthony the Great,  $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St John of Novgorod, $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St John of San Francisco, $75 – PLEDGED
  • St Joseph the All-Comely, $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • New Martyrs of Russia, $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • The Optina Elders, $125 donation (large icon to be enshrined)
  • Apostle Philip, $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • Protection of the Mother of God, $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Rebecca – PLEDGED
  • Resurrection Icon, $75 donation
  • Royal Martyrs of Russia,  $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Sergius of Radonezh,  $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • St Silouan the Athonite, $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • The Synaxis of the Holy Apostles, $75
  • The Triumph of Orthodoxy, $75 – PLEDGED
  • St Victor, the Martyr, $75 donation – PLEDGED
  • Sts Zenophont and Maria, $75 donation – PLEDGED

Other Beautification Items for the 10th Anniversary
(Note: Partial donations are gladly accepted for these and other items) 

  • Beautiful Golgotha Cross with Stand, $750 donation – PLEDGED
  • Shrine for Hand Painted Icon of St John of San Francisco, $1200 donation ($1130 remaining to pledge)
  • Large Reliquary to Hold Newly Acquired Relics, $800 donation – PLEDGED
  • Crown Molding Icon Shelves Around Perimeter of Church, $500 donation
  • Runner Carpet from Entry Doors to Altar, $600 donation
  • Panikhida Table, $600 donation

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Mary Daily October 24, 2012 at 7:18 pm

Archangel Michael $100


frjonah October 25, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Thank you, Mary and may God bless you for your generosity!


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