New Church Beautification Photos are online…

by frjonah on January 31, 2013




Over the past year and a half, a significant amount of work has been done to the interior of Christ the Savior Church, primarily focused on Church Beautification.  Some of the additions include the following:

  • Dec 2011: Candle Counter, Fresco Icons and Initial Toweling in Narthex
  • Pascha 2012: Toweling in Nave and altar, Phase I of Fresco Icons and Golgotha Cross
  • Parish Feastday 2012: Shrine to house St John of San Francisco Icon, Crown Molding Icon Shelves, Phase II of Fresco Icons, Numerous Panel Icons
  • Nativity/Theophany 2013: Reliquary Analogion to house new relics, Priest Office

Glory to God for all things!

Click here to see the newest photos of our beautification efforts.


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